When it comes to stormwater compliance management, regular on-demand maintenance such as sediment and erosion control, and vacuuming of permeable pavements, hydrodynamic separators and underground detention systems, is essential to address smaller issues before they become larger ones. Because bioretention basins employ native plants with deep and complex root systems to treat stormwater runoff, knowledge of the basins ecosystem is critical to its function. To the untrained eye, many native plants can be confused with invasive and aggressive weeds, our staff are experts in distinguishing MSD-approved natives from weeds that can destroy a basin. Keeping the native plants pruned and maintained through the dormant and growing seasons minimizes the risk of an expensive repair or replacement.

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Stormwater STL provides comprehensive service and unparalleled experience in St. Louis stormwater management. Your system’s life expectancy depends on how it is cared for on an ongoing basis and the quality standards of the experts you’ve hired. To protect that asset, you need to hire the only team in St. Louis with a demonstrated commitment to understanding these facilities, the regulations that drive design, the agencies that review plans, the evolution of the science and the conservation of our environment. Backed by the knowledge and expertise of professional engineer Steve Polk, Stormwater STL offers customers everything they need to stay MSD compliant.

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