While stormwater runoff might seem benign, it can cause issues that include erosion, poor water quality and pollution, which is why it’s important for property owners to have stormwater BMPs in place. As it flows, stormwater can pick up trash, pesticides, pet waste and more, and without proper stormwater sewers, this debris can make its way into lakes, creeks and rivers. Proper stormwater management reduces this pollution and improves water quality. Stormwater that drains into sewers can also cause basement backups and overflows.

The native plants, trees or shrubs selected by Stormwater STL for these basins play an important role in the basins’ functionality and longevity. These plants are naturally adapted to live in the conditions of each basin. Their root systems are much deeper and more complex than that of turfgrass or invasive plants and help develop more space in the soil to promote infiltration. These deep roots also help sustain the plants during dry periods, reducing dependence on irrigation. With a variety of foliage and diversity of bloom colors, shapes and times, the plants are also aesthetically appealing.

Yes! Each BMP is sized and engineered according to its catchment area. Even if you can’t see water at the surface, like in biodetention basins or porous asphalt pavement, make no mistake these systems are still holding water in their deep subgrade profile and letting it out slowly into MSD’s system as designed.

While a general contractor or landscaper might be able to set up a stormwater management system, they won’t bring the comprehensive knowledge and experience that Steve and the team at Stormwater STL provide. At any stage in the construction process, the expert eyes at Stormwater STL can diagnose possible issues affecting the efficacy or cost management of your system. Let us work with your contractor, or one of our trusted partners, to help your stormwater management system work more effectively.

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