History and Experience

In 2006, sweeping changes in regulations for stormwater management were implemented by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) in St. Louis City as well as 59  municipalities within St. Louis County. These EPA-mandated regulatory changes, in St. Louis and across the country, prompted one of the most dramatic shifts in civil engineering design in decades. Stormwater infrastructure and its ongoing operating and maintenance costs are now one of the largest line items in a site development budget. Stormwater STL Founder and Managing Principal Steve Polk believes that thoroughly evaluating and managing compliance costs is imperative for property owners and managers. He also believes that this evaluation and management necessitates a diverse team, the makeup of which did not exist in St. Louis until 2008, when he founded Stormwater STL.

When you work with Steve and his staff, you’ll interact with a team of stormwater specialists with education, training and experience unmatched in the St. Louis area. Armed with degrees in civil engineering, environmental science, horticulture and planning and business, the Stormwater STL team is equipped to resolve all of your stormwater challenges.

Stormwater STL by the numbers

10 years as St. Louis’s Stormwater BMP experts

30+ years of Engineering, Design and Construction experience

More than 100 active customers

Database of more than 6,000 BMP inspections

More than 150 active sites representing more than 500 BMPs

Approximately 2,000 inspections performed since 2008

Our Leadership

Photo of Steve Polk

Steven W. Polk, P.E., MBA

Founder and Managing Principal

Steve Polk has more than 30 years of civil engineering design experience in the St. Louis area. While not a regulatory requirement, Steve affixes his Professional Engineer seal and signature to each report issued by Stormwater STL to signify the skill and proficiency represented in every report, test or other service provided by Stormwater STL. They represent his capability and confidence in the comprehensive understanding that characterizes Stormwater STL’s work.

Education is one of the foundational principles of Stormwater STL. Steve is committed to not only having an educated team, but also fostering continuing education in stormwater management, for himself, the Stormwater STL team, our customers and anyone else interested in the processes involved. Steve is a frequent speaker at local, regional and national meetings, sharing his own knowledge and experience, as well as learning from other professionals in this complex and specialized field. A sampling of the numerous presentations, webinars and seminars Steve has delivered is available on the Resources page.

Whether you’re a property owner or manager, a landscaper, a general contractor or just a curious citizen, Steve believes encouraging a better understanding of these systems moves everyone forward. If you have questions about your stormwater compliance or a problem you’d like to discuss, give Steve and the expert team at Stormwater STL a call.

Marianne Pott

Marianne joined Stormwater STL in 2015 and now leads post construction BMP inspection services. A St. Louis native, Marianne has worked around the country on projects related to wetland research, water quality monitoring, hydrology, geographic information system (GIS) mapping and education and outreach. She has studied watersheds and related issues in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, upstate New York and the Atchafalaya Basin. Now, that experience informs her work for Stormwater STL right here in the metropolitan area. A graduate of Rosati-Kain High School, she received her bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Kenny Sturma

A native St. Louisan, Kenny joined Stormwater STL in February of 2016 as head of stormwater facility maintenance operations. Since then, he has repaired and/or maintained more than 75 post-construction stormwater BMPs including Hydro-Dynamic Separator (HDS) units, underground storage pipes, up-flow filters, storage filter vaults and pervious pavement. He is a certified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Inspector for St. Louis County and a Stormwater Compliance Inspector for the Missouri Department of Transportation. (MODOT).

Kenny is also a thirty-year veteran of the City of St. Louis Fire Department, where he served for 18 years as a member of the elite Rescue Squad 1. He is certified in multiple rescue methods, including Technical Rope, Structural Collapse, Confined Space, and Trench Rescue. He is recertified annually on all OSHA Standards as well as all requirements that allow him to serve as a Standby Rescue Technician. Kenny is part of the Stormwater STL team for all underground projects requiring access into OSHA confined spaces.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to be connected with a member of the Stormwater STL team, please contact us. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have about stormwater compliance in St. Louis.

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