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With a database of results from more than 2,000 BMP inspections, Stormwater STL offers first-hand knowledge and experience no other inspector in St. Louis can match.

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Regular maintenance is essential to keep your stormwater management system working efficiently. Operating costs and long-term functionality depend on timely maintenance and repair.

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Your stormwater management system is an expensive asset, so wise property owners and managers are looking to extend the life of each component by protecting their assets through monitoring, testing and maintaining every working part at a level that only Stormwater STL routinely provides.

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Stormwater STL will build your stormwater systems or work with your contractor to ensure your system meets project plan and specification requirements and protects your property, your investment and the environment.

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Our extended team of experienced planners, engineers and scientists is equipped to address every aspect of structural and non-structural stormwater treatment systems.

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Stormwater STL by the numbers

10 years as St. Louis’s Stormwater BMP experts

30+ years of Engineering, Design and Construction experience

More than 100 active customers

Database of more than 6,000 BMP inspections

More than 150 active sites representing more than 500 BMPs

Approximately 2,000 inspections performed since 2008

Why Stormwater STL?

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Stormwater STL provides comprehensive service and unparalleled experience in St Louis stormwater management.

You will choose Stormwater STL for the same reasons St. Louis’s largest corporations, property developers, school districts and facility managers choose us: We are the leader in stormwater compliance activity in St. Louis. We helped lead the development of the stormwater compliance market in St. Louis, and we know it better than anyone else. No other stormwater BMP provider understands these systems, the regulations and governing agencies involved or has a more genuine interest in and understanding of what these systems are designed to do: preserve our environment. When you choose Stormwater STL, you can trust our team to protect your stormwater assets, your company’s brand, your obligations to regulatory agencies and, ultimately, the environment.

Photo of Steve Polk
Steven W. Polk, P.E., MBA

Founder and Managing Principal

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If you’d like to be connected with a member of the Stormwater STL team, please contact us. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have about stormwater compliance in St. Louis.

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